Create Professional, Highly Engaging Animated Video Ads With The World’s First 100% Facebook Integrated Video Promotion AND Video Ad Creation Engine On The Planet

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What Is Viddictive

The FIRST and ONLY Video Builder 100% integrated with Facebook & Youtube
that lets you create and upload cool Videos to Youtube & Facebook Instantly
without ever having to log out or switching over

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Who Is Viddictive Ideal For...

Digital Product Creators

e-Com Store Owners

Affiliates, Bloggers &
Social/Content Marketers

Local Marketers &
Small Business Owners

Sales Funnel


Over $1,000 Prize Contest

Prizes are only awarded according to the number of sales made

Affiliate Tools


Facebook Ads

Subject Lines

Viddictive 2.0 Is LIVE (early bird & bonus inside)
Check This Out – sell 100% custom Videos (brand new)
It’s LIVE – First EVER FB Integrated Video Builder
Just Launched – Profit Now Selling CUSTOM Videos


Viddictive 2.0 just went live with an Early Bird Special and after having a look at the demo and the examples, I have to say WOW.


Viddictive 2.0 is the first EVER 100% Fully Facebook Integrated Video Builder on the Market.

And it’s Slick!

– Over 100 Video Templates you can Customize
– 100% Integrated With Facebook
– Directly Upload Your UNIQUE Video To Facebook
– Start Facebook Ads Instantly & Immediately
– Powerful & Engaging Background Track You Can Pick

And here is the best part:

You can create stunning, unique and customized Videos and then sell them to customers and clients, on Fiverr or however you like.
Here is how simple it is:

Pick Your Powerful Video Template
Customize It 100% (Images, Sound, Everything)
Export & Profit

The templates are packed with hot niches.

Everything from Fitness to Spa, Restaurants and any niche you can image.

Also, and this is sweet, there are over 25 eCommerce Templates !!

This allows you to cash in with eCom or your Shopify store as well, in addition to making money providing the Videos as service.

Just have a look yourself at the demo and check out the live examples here:


Slick, isn’t it?

This literally just went live meaning that as of right now you can grab Viddictive 2.0 at the very lowest price ever during this launch special and the early bird special deal right now.


You’ll love it.

All the best,

Subject Lines

You do eCom? This is Perfect For You (brand new)
100% Custom Videos For Your Shopify Store
100 NEW Video Templates For Any eCom Store


If you love eCom then you’re going to really LOVE this app:


It comes loaded with over 100 Templates for any Product you can imagine and here is the best part – you can customize them all!

It’s easy too:

1) Pick Your Video Template
2) Customize It To Your Liking (Images, Sound, Everything)
3) Export & Start Promoting

It gets even better.

Viddictive is 100% integrated with Facebook and Youtube.

This means you can run Video Ads literally immediately for your store the second you exported your Video.

Check out some of the awesome templates here:


This is perfect for anyone interested in eCom and Shopify if you truly want more sales, more traffic and more eyeballs for your offers.

How cool is that?

Here is a full demo, live examples and more info:


All the best,

Subject Lines

Create 100% Custom Videos For Clients (UNIQUE)
100 Video Templates For Your Local Clients
Brand New Video Builder For Local Marketers
You Do Local? Check out this FB Video App (brand new)


A brand new tool for Local Marketers just launched and I’m quite impressed by the demo I just watched here:


You can literally provide this a service out of the gate and the videos look just stunning, check out the examples here:


Creating the videos is simple:

1) Pick Your Template
2) Customize It For Your Client
3) Export & Profit

It includes any niche you can think of from Fitness to Spa to Restaurants and so on.

It ALSO has over 25 eCommerce templates if you’re working with clients that sell physical products.

Viddictive 2.0 just went live at a crazy low launch special price – I recommend that you pick it up right away.

Selling just one of these videos will give you a crazy 10x ROI.

Can’t beat that!

All the best,

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Michael Martins


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